3 Mets players who should be nervous about joining Aaron Hicks in the DFA pile

New York Mets designated hitter Tommy Pham (28) watches from the dugout before the first inning of
New York Mets designated hitter Tommy Pham (28) watches from the dugout before the first inning of / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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The New York Yankees saw enough of Aaron Hicks and decided to move on from him this weekend. The New York Mets could have the same in mind for some of their players.

The rise of several young Mets players has put some added pressure on the veterans. Add in poor performances, ill fits, and other factors, there are three players on the Mets roster currently standing out as the ones most likely to be designated for assignment. Stick around until the end for a pair of honorable mentions.

1) NY Mets outfielder Tommy Pham could join Aaron Hicks in the DFA pile

The Tommy Pham role on the Mets roster isn’t a necessary one with the correct moves around him. Mostly the right-handed half of the Daniel Vogelbach platoon but with an ability to actually play the field, Pham has some value but only if he performs at a high enough level.

No one can safely argue he is meeting the needs of the Mets. Now batting .208/.300/.364 in 90 plate appearances, Pham’s early success has completely disappeared from the radar.

Pham is hitting only .220/.305/.400 against lefties. We could almost excuse the poor overall numbers if he was at least smashing pitches from southpaws. He’s not. There is much less of a reason to keep him around these days.

At $6 million, Pham was signed to a modest amount we all figured could land him in the DFA pile before the year was through. Options were limited in free agency. With Mark Vientos now on the roster and the Mets showing a willingness to at least try him in the field, we have someone else to watch eventually push Pham out.

Pham will likely get a longer look because he does at least play defense. Capable of patrolling all three outfield positions, it’s something the Mets need based on the way the rest of the roster is constructed.