Mets players with opt-outs and options this offseason

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The New York Mets have a somewhat unusual situation with their roster this offseason. The growing trend of player opt-outs, options for the player or team added at the end of a contract, and vesting options as well give the Mets a lot to ponder at the end of this year.

The Mets have several players who fall into this category. Most already seem likely to flex their opportunity to get a new contract.

NY Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom’s contract has an opt-out

The most well-known of the contract situations in Flushing belongs to Jacob deGrom. He already made it publicly known that he plans to use his opt-out. Good for him. He’s going to get a lot more money when he does. Right now, there is only $63 million left on his deal over the next two seasons. He’ll get much more than that both in terms of dollars and years—well maybe not so much years. We can expect him to get something around four or five at the maximum. Maybe someone gets funny and gives him a sixth.

NY Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt’s contract has a mutual option

Chris Bassitt was arbitration-eligible coming into this year but managed to do more than come to an agreement with the Mets. The two sides also agreed to a $19 million mutual option for 2023. It’s hard to fathom too many scenarios where this would have even been activated. Bassitt’s age and success this year make him a clear candidate to turn down the option and explore a multi-year deal with the Mets and anyone else interested.

NY Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco’s contract has a team option

There was a vesting option on Carlos Carrasco’s contract which would have only worked if he reached 170 innings pitched this year. It’s hard to imagine too many pitchers ever reaching that number these days. At the time of the signing, it was much more possible. Instead, he’ll have a $14 million option or $3 million buyout. The Mets will probably turn this down but maybe look to continue the relationship for a little less.

NY Mets pitcher Taijuan Walker’s contract has a player option

Taijuan Walker stayed healthy and productive enough this year to turn down the player option that would pay him $6 million next year. The value of the $6 million has the potential to increase as high as $8.5 million for next year. Even so, he’d be wiser to test free agency where he should get multiple years on his next contract and a nice boost in his average salary.

NY Mets pitcher Mychal Given’s contract has a mutual option

This one is fairly easy. Mychal Givens hasn’t pitched well enough to take the $3.5 million on his mutual option for next season. However, it wouldn’t be such a surprise if they did retain him and try to spin it as good market value. He hasn’t been atrocious. He also hasn’t been the answer.

NY Mets DH Daniel Vogelbach’s contract has a team option

It’s all up to the Mets to decide what the future holds for Daniel Vogelbach. Do they pick up the modest $1.5 million team option for him in 2023? The results say they should. The problem is it pins them into a corner of again needing to have a right-handed partner in the DH spot. It wouldn’t be my first choice on how to handle the DH spot. It’s also not the last.

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