3 Mets who look like they're breaking out of a slump

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
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2) Mets second baseman Jeff McNeil is again looking like one of the best contact hitters in the league

It's important to note that a slump for Jeff McNeil is a good stretch for most hitters. Although he isn't known as a power hitter, McNeil only has two home runs this year, but more alarming is that his average dropped from a league-leading .326 last year to .266 following an 0-4 performance against the Nationals on May 14th.

Since then, McNeil has put together an eight-game hitting streak with four multi-hit games, a stretch in which the Mets, not coincidentally, are 6-2. Entering Monday, his average now sits at a much healthier .289.

McNeil has also improved his plate discipline, earning nearly half as many walks in 48 games as he did in 148 games last year. In Sunday night's game against the Guardians, Shane Bieber struck McNeil out with two nasty sliders that dove down and in. It's rare for McNeil to strike out, let alone look bad while doing so, but in his next at-bat he worked a five-pitch walk off Bieber, resisting the urge to chase once again. McNeil is one of the most cerebral hitters in the league, and this was a great example of how he can adjust, even in-game.

One concern for McNeil is the total lack of slugging thus far. His last extra base hit occurred on May 1st! With his customary placement in the lineup either one or two spots in front of Pete Alonso, the Mets would rather McNeil get on base than mash the ball. Still, the hope is that with the way he is seeing the ball better lately, some doubles and the occasional homer will come.

McNeil is the kind of batter that can put together a 15-game hitting streak with ease. As the rest of the Mets' lineup heats up, it only serves to make his value more apparent, as his high on base percentage will lead to more run-scoring chances. Having the double play partnership of Lindor and McNeil hitting well at the same time has made the Mets' offense much more formidable, and a force to be reckoned with as the team heads to Chicago.