3 Mets player who will be better in 2023, 2 who will be worse

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game One
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game One / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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We would all like to see each member of the New York Mets roster have a career year in 2023. Unfortunately, that just won’t happen. Not even Steve Cohen can buy that kind of magic.

Luckily, some members of the Mets roster are bound to have a better performance in 2023. The same cannot be predicted for a couple of others. They are likely to take a step backward.

So, who does what? Which three Mets players are about to have an even better season in 2023 and which pair will we see head in the wrong direction?

1) NY Mets will get a better year from Brandon Nimmo

As good as Brandon Nimmo was for the Mets last year, he came up short in a couple of areas. His .274/.367/.433 slash line only bested his career total in the batting average. Now a lifetime .269/.385/.441 hitter, we’d like to see him go back to his previous OBP numbers. He crossed over the .400 mark three times in his career already. What happened last season?

Nimmo played more games than ever before and had more 100 more plate appearances than his previous high. He passed the test of staying healthy. This was an important one for him, particularly with free agency looming.

We should expect Nimmo to have a better year in 2023. He’s not the kind of guy to take it easy after getting his contract. You don’t run to first base after every walk to ever take things easy.

A little more pop in his bat couldn’t hurt either. Nimmo isn’t a power hitter, but a few more doubles and home runs could make a big difference in this lineup. We should also prepare to see Nimmo run a little bit more with the larger bases and new rules involving pickoff attempts. As quick as he may look at times, Nimmo only attempted 5 stolen bases last year. His record of 15 attempts in 2018 resulted in only 9 successful steals. This could be one of the bigger differences in what he offers the team in 2023.