6 important Mets players who could be gone next year if they fail in 2024

Failure isn't an option for them.
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6) Mark Vientos

The microscope is on Mark Vientos this year. Basically without a position and still questionable as a major league hitter, his back is so far up against the wall he can hear the conversation in the other room. What is this, a doctor’s office? If there’s a place for thicker walls, you’d think it was in a medical facility.

Vientos won’t be seriously competing for too many innings at third base. It’s the DH spot where he’ll either sink or swim. The Mets are putting a lot of faith in him to succeed this year. It’s up to him to seize the opportunity and make the most of every at-bat.

His tenure with the Mets could be over after 2024 because of the lack of minor league options if his final one is used up this year. A non-competitive team would have to claim him off waivers to see what they can get from the young power hitter. The Mets have too many other goals and prospects on the way to have the luxury of stashing him somewhere on the bench, especially when he doesn’t offer much in terms of defense.

There are far more paths and scenarios where the Mets keep Baty around even if he has a worse year. With Vientos, the only thing he needs to prove is that he is indeed a major league hitter.