6 important Mets players who could be gone next year if they fail in 2024

Failure isn't an option for them.
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4) David Peterson

Things have actually worked out quite well for David Peterson over the last few seasons to allow him a long enough leash. His injury after 15 starts in 2021 saved the Mets from having to use up the first of three options on him then. In 2022, they took advantage by pushing him back and forth from the minors all year long. He was solid in this spot starter role, posting a 3.83 ERA in 19 starts and another 9 relief appearances.

The story changed in 2023 with Peterson beginning the year with the team due to Jose Quintana’s injury. Shelled plenty early on in the year, even some success later on did little to help him. Peterson would finish 3-8 with a 5.03 ERA on the season in 111 innings of work.

For many of the same reasons as Lucchesi, he’s on the bubble to either prove himself or go somewhere else. Starting the year on the 60-day IL may actually save his job with the Mets if by the time he returns they don’t have to send him to the minor leagues. In fact, we should expect them to rehab him slowly to possibly save him for when they can fit Peterson on the MLB roster. This will allow the team to more easily stash him in Triple-A again in 2025, unless of course they’re not so interested in keeping him anyway.

Peterson has been a Jekyll/Hyde player. He’s up, he’s down. Once that final minor league option is used, which could happen this year, the clock will start ticking on Peterson ending up on the waiver wire if not non-tendered or traded first.