Mets players who have stolen 50 bases in a season

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Dana Kaplan/Sports Imagery/GettyImages

Will a New York Mets player ever steal 50 bases again? The way the game is going, probably not.

In the history of the Mets franchise, only 5 players have ever reached 50. A couple of done it more than once. How well do you know your Mets history to name them all?

Mookie Wilson stole 58 bases in 1982 and 54 bases in 1983

Mookie Wilson was the first player to top 50 stolen bases in team history. He first did so in 1982 with 58 successful acts of theft. He did it for a second time a year later with 54. The 1980s was a decade where stealing bases was a big part of the sport. Nobody did it better for the Amazins than Wilson.

Lance Johnson stole 50 bases in 1996

Outfielder Lance Johnson had a record-setting season for the Mets in 1996. Although he came up short in the stolen base department, he was only the second player to ever reach this number in franchise history. He barely got there, too. All of the stolen bases added to his magnificent offensive season where he set a new franchise record for hits.

Roger Cedeno stole 66 bases in 1999

The third player in team history to steal 50 or more bases was Roger Cedeno. The speedster did so in 1999 when he set a brand new franchise record with 66. The 1999 Mets are one of those teams that put up some amazingly fat statistics. Cedeno went well beyond the half-century mark in stolen bases. Only on player would ever steal more in a Mets uniform.

Jose Reyes stole 60 bases in 2005, 64 bases in 2006, 78 bases in 2007, and 56 in 2008

It’s Jose Reyes who has and may always remain the greatest base thief in Mets history. He went over the 50 mark four times in his career. He started with 60 in 2005. A year later, he went to 64. One more season under his belt and Reyes blasted past Cedeno for the new franchise record of 78 set in 2007. To show that he could still run at a remarkable rate, Reyes swiped 56 more in 2008.

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