5 Mets players we were wrong about to start the season

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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4) We were wrong about NY Mets reliever Tommy Hunter

Tommy Hunter hasn’t even been a long-man for the Mets. He is exclusively on mop-up duty. Following the 8 scoreless he delivered in 2021 and the 2.42 ERA he posted last season in 22.1 innings of work, it looked like Hunter could be an entrusted member of this year’s bullpen. No dice.

Hunter’s 6.87 ERA in 18.1 innings isn’t good for any role out of the bullpen. He has gotten shellacked in several appearances. He has graciously taken a few punches for the Mets and at least saved them from having to use other relievers instead.

Hunter may soon find it difficult to retain a roster spot. The Mets don’t have too many obvious better replacements. The problem with their bullpen is a clear line between the guys we want to see and the ones we don’t. Hunter has fallen into the latter category.

Nobody ever believed Hunter would be a top choice to bring in from the bullpen in the seventh or eighth with a close lead on a regular basis. Maybe if no one else was available it could’ve been an occasional option. Hunter’s initial role with the club should have always been as a sixth inning guy or someone to enter a little later to keep the game under control and possibly allow for a comeback.

Instead, Hunter is already teetering on the DFA bubble.