5 Mets players we were wrong about to start the season

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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2) We were wrong about NY Mets outfielder Starling Marte

An All-Star representative of the Mets last year, Starling Marte is beginning to show his age this season. He can still steal bases and has some other good qualities that’ll keep him in the starting lineup. What’s missing most is the power he posted for the ball club last year. Although not a home run hitter, he was one of the more relied upon to pop a home run or knock a double in 2023.

Marte is quickly becoming more of a singles hitter. Frankly, it’s not something the Mets really need on a roster with plenty of station-to-station players already on it. Marte’s outfield range looks like it’s on the decline. Watching him for even a short period of time and you’d swear this isn’t the same exciting player from last year.

Through 162 plate appearances, Marte is a .231/.298/.279 hitter with only 5 extra base hits. Four have been doubles and one has been a home run.

From the start we’ve been wrong about Marte. When the Mets first signed him, the initial thought was he’d play a lot of center field. They’ve parked him in right field instead while allowing Brandon Nimmo to retain a position he has worked hard to keep. Marte certainly raised the bar with last season’s performance. This year, the bar needs to be lowered.