The 5 most important Mets who have to prove they belong in the big leagues

These five Mets have a lot to prove before they can stay in the majors.
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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5) Tylor Megill

Repeat most of what was said about David Peterson here. Change the word “lefty” to “righty” if used. This is where Tylor Megill is on the depth chart.

Another one of those youngish arms on the Mets roster with no set role, Megill became a fan favorite because of how out-of-nowhere he came. Mets fans love their underdogs. An eighth round draft pick who excelled in the minors back in 2021, he jumped to the majors and has continually had to fight to stay.

Most of the 2022 season was a wash for Megill due to injury. Last season, Megill managed to get onto the Opening Day roster due to the last-minute injury to Justin Verlander. He ended the year 9-8 with a 4.70 ERA in 25 starts.

Megill did end the year strong with a 2-1 record and 2.76 ERA in his final 5 starts. A midseason demotion that didn’t last very long may have done him some good after all.

Between Megill, Peterson, and Joey Lucchesi, the ball club has some nice starting pitching depth. Some may even want to include Jose Butto in this mix. Starting pitching depth, however, tends to be below-average and that’s what each of them have shown overall.

The big next step for Megill may be more innings in relief. Is it coming in 2024 or will they keep him as a starter they can call upon when needed? The Mets rotation still has room and a competition for a part-time six-man rotation would be one way to get Megill innings. First he has to earn them.