The 5 most important Mets who have to prove they belong in the big leagues

These five Mets have a lot to prove before they can stay in the majors.
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4) Ronny Mauricio

Ronny Mauricio is one of the likelier players on this list to keep a roster spot even if he isn’t performing at the level the Mets want him to. He has just one minor league option remaining. Due to his 40-man roster status in previous years, the Mets have lost some flexibility with him in the future.

Of course, he’ll start the year on the IL. However, upon returning, the Mets would waste his final option if they were to demote him to Syracuse. They lose any future changes to send him back. Mauricio is the least experienced of the Baby Mets and yet he’ll have an advantage whenever he does heal up.

More so than managing the roster, Mauricio seems to have enough tools to secure a variety of roles on the team. He won’t be the defensive utility player Wendle will work as. Mauricio can, instead, be more of a threat on the bases and hopefully at the plate.

The amount of time the Mets will have to see Mauricio prove and earn his roster spot won’t be vast. They’ll possibly have to do it on the fly, maybe even in a pennant race. Mauricio is far away from claiming a roster spot. His battle to win one will have to wait further.