5 expendable Mets players the team can move before the trade deadline

The Mets can trade any of these five and upgrade with someone else.
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4) Jose Butto

Another one of those Mets players whose minor league options are drying up, Jose Butto is already against the wall. He’ll either need to be on the major league roster next season or face a designation for assignment. Some wild yet effective outings for the ball club this year both impressed and discouraged the ball club. He remains in the mix for some future starts in 2024, but another possibility is the Mets use him as trade bait.

Not all of the starting pitcher depth pieces the Mets have will get shopped around. It might be a choice between Butto and Peterson. Both aren’t necessary. And because Butto’s last year of being optioned to the minor leagues has already been used up, we can expect him to be the more likely casualty.

What’s more, Butto is younger than Peterson and has more years of control. He’s a project many Mets fans would agree they would like to see more of. Unfortunately, the team’s plans have pushed them in another direction.

If Butto can help the Mets add a more proven big league starting pitcher, the Mets shouldn’t hesitate. It doesn’t matter much if it’s a rental or not. Time isn’t on Butto’s side when it comes to having a future with the Mets. After this season, he no longer becomes a depth piece which is a big shame because it seems like we hardly got to know him.