5 expendable Mets players the team can move before the trade deadline

The Mets can trade any of these five and upgrade with someone else.
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3) DJ Stewart

In small doses, DJ Stewart is a fine player. To have him available for the weekly spot start or two over Starling Marte adds depth to the Mets roster. He’s their go-to left-handed bat off the bench when the splits suggest the pitcher will have a tougher time versus a lefty.

Of those players presently on the Mets roster, he’s one of the more debatable when it comes to finding an upgrade. The Mets can send him to the minors in favor of someone else. Whether it’s a fellow player with the team right now or a trade deadline acquisition, the ball club should be searching for alternatives.

The Mets are in a similar spot with Stewart as they are with David Peterson. A part of the reason why they may be tempted to keep him in the majors is to retain a minor league option if he returns next season. It’ll also take away from some of his trade value if they were to send him to Syracuse. Stewart isn’t a long-term piece for any ball club. However, the luxury of sending him to the minor leagues without consequence makes him far more intriguing of an addition.

Teams looking for a cheap first baseman/outfielder could be attracted enough to offer the Mets something for Stewart. The question is if the Mets can find a suitable replacement on the roster. It doesn’t have to be a direct alternative i.e. a left-handed power hitter. Someone like Luisangel Acuna, whose speed and positional versatility, would give them a different kind of weapon.