4 Mets who proved their spring training was a fluke

After a slow spring training, Francisco Alvarez has become a star
After a slow spring training, Francisco Alvarez has become a star / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Brandon Nimmo's rough spring training was concerning, but he has been integral for the Mets.

Let's change course and look at two Mets who have put poor springs behind them to be among the best players on the team.

The Mets were rightly protective of their newly signed $162 million man, allowing Brandon Nimmo only 14 at-bats in spring training. With a long history of big contracts, especially for outfielders, blowing up in their faces, you could forgive Mets fans for feeling like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football again as they watched Nimmo record only two hits in those 14 at-bats.

Nimmo quickly turned it on once the season started. Not only does he lead the Mets in hits, average, and walks, he's played outstanding defensively, more than justifying his new deal. As the rest of the Mets lineup has shuffled to account for slumps and injuries, Nimmo keeps plugging along in the leadoff slot, providing a spark for an offense that has struggled to find consistency otherwise.

Nimmo has demonstrated during his entire career that he's someone the Mets can count on. We should have never read too much into a brief, lackluster spring training.