4 Mets who proved their spring training was a fluke

After a slow spring training, Francisco Alvarez has become a star
After a slow spring training, Francisco Alvarez has become a star / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Max Scherzer's 1.53 ERA in spring training seems like a distant memory.

Max Scherzer ended last season on a sour note, failing to step up when the Mets needed him most. No amount of quality innings in spring training could ever erase that feeling heading into this season, but it was encouraging that Scherzer posted a 25:2 strikeout to walk ratio while giving up only three runs and one home run in 17.2 innings.

Scherzer has been unable to find any level of consistency since the season began, pinballing between quality outings and starts where he gets chased early. Tuesday's game against the Yankees was emblematic of the lack of faith Mets fans have with Mad Max at this point, as the erstwhile ace blew a 5-1 lead by giving up five runs in the fourth inning.

Mets fans can't afford to give up on Scherzer just yet. He's shown signs that he can recapture his vintage form, such as when he allowed only three runs in four starts against the Nationals, Guardians, Rockies, and Phillies. His last two starts have triggered the Flushing faithful's PTSD, though, as the Braves and Yankees have made him look past his prime, ballooning his ERA back to an unsightly 4.45.