3 Mets players we'll only see traded in a fantasy baseball league this year

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3) The NY Mets are only trading Starling Marte in a fantasy baseball league

As much as it’s unlikely for the Mets to trade Max Scherzer, the remaining length of his deal could have teams considering him. He has a player option after this season which looks like something he’ll opt into at this stage of the season. Less likely to get dealt is Starling Marte. The Mets right fielder isn’t necessarily having a useless season. He’s just clearly on the decline and not quite what the Mets were hoping he’d be for them this season.

Stuck in right field and playing the kind of defense we’d expect for someone his age, the Mets are paying him $20.75 million this season and the same through 2025. It’s a lot of money for a corner outfielder whose speed is one of his better weapons. Marte hasn’t lost it yet, fortunately, because it’s about the last of his truly great assets remaining. He’s bound to lose a step before his contract is over which is one of the big reasons why the only team he’s getting traded from is the fantasy roster you drafted back in March.

Mark Canha, Eduardo Escobar, Tommy Pham, and all of those other position players with expiring contracts are the ones we’d expect to be on the move instead.

Marte’s contract and performance will have him staying in Queens through at least the middle of the 2025 season. We knew from the start it was the first half of his contract where we needed the best years. If he’s going to remain a speedy singles hitter playing a corner outfield spot, the Mets are going to need to build around that with a bit more power at other positions. Wouldn’t that be nice?