3 Mets players we'll only see traded in a fantasy baseball league this year

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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New York Mets fans are ready for a change. Reactionary or an attitude brewing within them for much longer than this month, many have conceded to the idea that this team could be in seller mode. It’s real. It’s not spectacular.

A trade deadline sell-off by the Mets would be an embarrassing turn of events. It wouldn’t be a complete tear down. Many of the core pieces will remain in place.

Certain Mets fans have taken it to the extreme of trying to make the kinds of Mets trades you’ll only ever find in a fantasy baseball league. The Mets may sell. Only in your fantasy league will you see these three change uniforms.

1) The NY Mets are only trading Francisco Lindor in a fantasy baseball league

Hang around social media or certain other dark corners of the internet long enough and you’ll see fans actually discuss the possibility of trading Francisco Lindor. Really. They’re serious. There is zero hyperbole.

It’s hard to take anyone seriously when they think trading Lindor is a possibility. It’s the kind of trade you make only when there is a serious financial problem with your ball club. Even then, you’re going to lose the trade by either having to eat a large portion of the contract or include several very good prospects in the move.

Look, we’re all frustrated with Lindor. Wanting to trade him is extreme. Actually thinking it’s possible means you’ve spent too much time with your fantasy team and not enough with the real-life Mets. We don’t blame you if that’s the case because the real-life Mets haven’t given you much to cheer about.

Lindor’s contract makes him difficult to trade even if he was playing well. It’s long. It’s expensive. It has become an obvious overpay in terms of what other shortstops have received. The only situation where it would work would be to swap him with a player with a similar salary. Until any MLB team is willing to take that risk, it’s pure fantasy.