3 Mets we wish they traded before their value dropped

The trade value of these three Mets players is sinking.

Jul 23, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Red Sox center fielder Adam Duvall (18) hits a
Jul 23, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Red Sox center fielder Adam Duvall (18) hits a / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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A big argument against the New York Mets selling at this year’s trade deadline is how little we expect for the team to get back for the obvious pieces to move. There is no Juan Soto, Shohei Ohtani, or any other massive trade chip for the Mets to move on from. It’s all more minor pieces who might end up in a reduced role with their new ball club.

We can’t necessarily blame the Mets for holding onto certain trade pieces because early July deals are rare. Plus, they still seem to believe they have a shot at winning something.

As certain players raise their trade stock and others maintain it, it’s these three Mets players we already wish they traded before their value began to dip.

1) NY Mets player we wish they traded before his value dropped: Carlos Carrasco

Carlos Carrasco’s trade value was at an all-time high after tossing 8 shutout innings on July 8 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Since then, Carrasco has pitched two duds. The Chicago White Sox tagged him for 4 earned runs in 4.2 innings. The Boston Red Sox handled him even better. They chased him after 2.1 innings of work and 5 earned runs across the board.

Carrasco is now 3-4 with a 5.82 ERA on the season. His inability to even go deep into games is tanking his trade value. What team, outside of someone desperate for any sort of a fifth starter, would view him favorably?

As in demand as pitching is at the trade deadline, Carrasco just isn’t an appealing product for anyone. The time to trade him would have been before the All-Star break. His trade value had finally gone up. Now it’s back in the basement.

The Mets didn’t win a single game Carrasco started in June and he failed to go more than 5 innings in any of his five appearances. The gem versus the Diamondbacks is a complete outlier post-May. Because there was still life in the Mets at the time when he last pitched well, it’s understandable why the trigger wasn’t pulled. The Mets were never meant to get a whole lot back for him. Now it’s looking like they’ll get even less.