3 players the Mets should trade but won't

Some of the Mets veterans will be on the trade block if their record doesn't improve. Which ones will actuallly be traded?
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3) Omar Narvaez is worth more to the Mets than whatever return they would get in a trade

Omar Narvaez's injury led to the call up of Francisco Alvarez, and Alvarez has staked his claim on the starting job since then. While Narvaez might command a decent return in a trade, at this point he has too much value to the Mets to include in one, given his skill and mentorship to Alvarez.

An All Star in 2021, Narvaez got off to a blazing start this season before landing on the IL early on. Since then, Alvarez has shown why he's the future of the Mets, making Narvaez a very expensive backup.

However, Alvarez has grown significantly as a catcher this season opposed to last, and much of that can be attributed to Narvaez and his mentorship. His defense is much improved, his framing is amongst the best in the league, and he has shown a much better discipline at the plate in 2023.

There are several teams would inquire with the Mets about the former All Star, who is still 31 and on a one year deal. However, the Mets should use him instead to mentor Alvarez throughout the season, and at worst he will be one of the better backup catchers in baseball. Unless the Mets get a fantastic offer, Narvaez will most likely remain with the team until his contract is up.