3 players the Mets should trade but won't

Some of the Mets veterans will be on the trade block if their record doesn't improve. Which ones will actuallly be traded?
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2) Adam Ottavino should be traded, but his lack of production will shrink his value on the market

One of the biggest reasons for the Mets success in 2022, Adam Ottavino has taken a massive step back this season, which has fans hoping he can be traded to salvage some of his value. This would be a complete "sell low" on a former top end reliever, and his value might be so low that the Mets might not actually have many takers at all.

Ottavino's ERA is nearly double what it was from a season ago, and at the All Star break he has already given up as many runs as he did all of 2022. His control has failed him, and there will be much more attractive names on the trade block if the Mets sell than Ottavino, with Robertson and Brooks Raley being better options.

Of course, you also have to factor in the contract. Ottavino has a $6.5 million player option for next season, which will almost certainly be higher than what he would command in free agency. Assuming he opts into this deal, this would make it even harder to convince a team to trade for him.

If the Mets were to trade Ottavino, they would most likely have to take on a good portion of his salary this year, then find a team willing to pay him $6.5 million next season as well. Even if the Mets are able to do both of these, the return might not be high for a player who looks to be on the decline.