3 players the Mets should trade but won't

Some of the Mets veterans will be on the trade block if their record doesn't improve. Which ones will actuallly be traded?
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As the New York Mets tumble their way towards the trade deadline, some fans have already adopted the selling mindset and getting as much return for their veterans as possible.

The Mets have a lot of experienced veterans, some such as David Robertson who would command interest on the trade market and be able to net the Mets a decent return. We could not say the same about some of the other veterans the Mets have during this dismal season.

Whether it is due to their performance, value or contracts (or all three,) these three Mets will most likely be on the team past the August 1st trade deadline.

1) Starling Marte and his massive contract will still be on the Mets roster following the trade deadline

In just the span of half a season, the Starling Marte signing has gone from a smart decision to a negative asset.

Marte has gotten off to a slow start this season, being removed from the 2nd spot in the lineup and then briefly out of the lineup entirely. He seems to have lost a step ever since returning from his injury, hitting the ball weaker and more frequently on the ground than in years past.

Still, Marte provides good value to a team looking for outfield depth and speed. He leads the Mets by far with 23 stolen bases, and can play all three positions in the outfield well. With a .256 batting average at the All Star break, he can still provide service to a team for the right price.

Unfortunately, any team looking to trade for Marte will have about 41.5 million reasons to think otherwise. He is owed $20.75 million annually through 2025, giving him the fourth highest AAV across the entire Mets roster. Soon to be 35 years old, Marte figures to regress over the next two seasons and the contract will be an overpay, making any team who trades for him on the hook for that salary.

Starling Marte has taken a step back this season, much to the ire of Mets fans. While trading him for any prospects would be ideal, the market for a previously injured, 35 year old outfielder making over $20 milion for two more seasons will be nonexistent.