3 Mets players who have yet to earn their 40-man roster spot

These three Mets will need to show a bit more before their spot on the 40-man roster is earned.

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3) Reed Garrett

Reed Garrett has one thing going for him. He does have minor league options. The veteran righty can give the Mets one player to stash on the farm and call up whenever they need nothing more than a fresh arm. The question will be whether or not there are better choices. There should be already within the organization and others which’ll become available as we get closer to Opening Day.

Garrett has a 7.11 ERA in 44.1 MLB innings. His performance with the Mets last year, in 17 innings of work, resulted in a 5.82 ERA performance.

In spring training action, Garrett has a 3.60 ERA in 5 innings. There isn’t much to read into this. He was never a serious contender to make the team. The question with him comes down to whether or not there are upgrades elsewhere.

It makes sense for the Mets to keep Garrett as long as possible and weigh the alternatives, mostly from outside of the organization. Exciting young players like Nate Lavender aren’t a must to add to the 40-man roster right now. Until the Mets actually need him, they can occupy the space with a pitcher like Garrett.

It’s not impossible to imagine how Garrett lasts the full season on the 40-man roster although if he doesn’t perform, expect David Stearns to have little hesitation to look at a better or younger player to replace him.