3 Mets players who have yet to earn their 40-man roster spot

These three Mets will need to show a bit more before their spot on the 40-man roster is earned.
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The New York Mets 40-man roster has a couple of casualties on the way. They’ll need to get it down to 26 before Opening Day which means some of the Mets we’ve seen playing for them this spring won’t be there to open the season against the Milwaukee Brewers.

A lot goes into those decisions beyond even who deserves to be on the roster or not. Having enough able-bodied players will matter more at times than occupying the 40 roster spots with the best ones you can get.

In other words—not everyone on the 40-man roster deserves it. These three currently have yet to earn their seat. Excluded are players who haven't played yet, such as Kolton Ingram.

1) Zack Short

Infielder Zack Short is one of those players who was never realistically going to make the Mets roster. A gifted defender, he hit .204 in the majors and .195 in the minors last season. In fact, the last time he hit .250 or better in any year was way back in 2017 when he made it no higher than High-A.

Short’s bat isn’t major league-level nor is it even considered a top one in the minors. The lone intrigue about the offensive part of his game is a tendency to draw walks at a relatively high rate. This isn’t enough for the Mets to consider him for their major league roster. There isn’t room anyway as he seemed more protection against an injury, specifically to Joey Wendle.

This spring, Short is hitting .269/.367/.346 through his first 12 games. A pair of doubles plus some steady defense may soon have fans questioning whether the club could carry him on the Opening Day roster. I suppose it’s possible but man would that be a statement if he made the club over Mark Vientos.

A lack of minor league options should have Short on the waiver wire before the season begins. Because of his limitations, he’s someone who could conceivably pass through and accept a minor league assignment.

Short’s spring success plus Vientos’ failure might have the Mets thinking twice about what their infield alignment looks like.