3 Mets players we’ll be glad are gone, 2 we’ll wish they brought back

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We’ll wish David Robertson came back

Immediately after David Robertson was traded by the Mets, thoughts of him returning as a free agent for 2024 were making the rounds. Some fans were insistent that it could happen despite Robertson being essentially blindsided by the trade to the Miami Marlins. The miserable time he spent there included the veteran getting removed from the closer role and riding out the rest of the year on a team that never had any business making the postseason.

Once it became clear the Mets wouldn’t be spending as freely this year, Robertson seemed less realistic of an option. His deal with the Texas Rangers is worth an identical $10 million this year with a $7 million mutual option in 2025 and $1.5 million buyout. It’s not a bank-breaking deal by any stretch. The Mets would have had trouble working his contract onto the books while filling out the rest of the bullpen.

We’ll never get to experience what it would be like with Robertson in a setup role in front of Edwin Diaz. This intended plan for 2023 fell by the wayside when Diaz got hurt and Robertson was thrust into a shared closer role with Adam Ottavino to begin the year.

Robertson might’ve imploded down the stretch with the Marlins, but his effectiveness for his time with the Mets feels far too fresh to completely dismiss the idea of having him on the ball club in 2024. For likely more than one reason, he’ll pitch elsewhere.