3 Mets players we’ll be glad are gone, 2 we’ll wish they brought back

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Au revoir! There was plenty of it after the 2023 New York Mets season ended. We bid farewell to a year with expectations so high that anything short of a trip to the World Series would’ve been disastrous.

The offseason got started early for the Mets with the hiring of David Stearns to become the new President of Baseball Operations. The plan wasn’t fully laid out immediately. His actions, on the other hand, indicated there would be some massive turnover.

Stearns cleared out as much of the 40-man roster as possible. Free agents were let go. Players were non-tendered. New names and faces entered the mix. Of those who left at the end of the year, it’s these three we’ll be most glad are gone. On the other side of the coin, a couple of members of the 2023 Mets looked like good fits to come back. We’ll wish they did.

We’ll be glad Carlos Carrasco is gone

Nothing personal. Carlos Carrasco seems like a good dude. Nice guys finish last. Carrasco finished last in a lot of places in 2023. In 20 starts and 90 innings. His 6.80 ERA was one of the worst for any Mets starting pitcher. The -1.3 WAR is tied for the worst for any Mets player since the year 2000.

There isn’t a good thing to say about Carrasco’s 2023 performance. There came a point late in the year when he was just taking the mound every few days to give others a little more rest. He wasn’t even desirable enough at the trade deadline for anyone to take him on. There was never a thought about bringing him back unlike post-2022 when the Mets had the choice to pick up his option or not.

Carrasco departs from the Mets with two terrible seasons as the buns on a very productive one in 2022. He somehow managed to give up as many runs in 2023 as he did in all of 2022 (71) despite appearing in 62 less innings. He even fell just three walks shy of the total from the season prior.

Carrasco returned to Cleveland on a minor league deal this offseason. The end is nigh for him.