3 Mets players who finished spring training on a cold streak

New York Mets Workout
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3) Starling Marte

Starling Marte is the last player on this list and he is one of the players on the Mets roster that fans are wishing could return to his 2022 form. His health played a major factor in his 2023 season, keeping him away from the game for a good amount of time.

He is now, according to him, supposed to be in full health and ready to go but his performance through the last couple of spring training games did not show that progress. Marte went 3-16 dating back to March 19th and sat around the .187 range for batting average. He was able to score a couple of runs during these appearances along with drawing a couple of walks as well but that would be the extent of it.

Other than those few positive outcomes, Marte continues to be a shell of his former self. It is almost as if he looks lost at the dish, not knowing exactly what to do when certain situations present themselves. He needs a lot more AB's to get back into the swing of things and he will get just that if he is able to make it through the season without any setbacks.

Marte may not be able to go back to an All-Star caliber player but there is no excuse as to why he cannot put up solid numbers for the Mets in 2024.