3 Mets players who finished spring training on a cold streak

New York Mets Workout
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2) Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor is probably one of the last names you'd believe would be on a list like this and yet he is here because of his underwhelming spring. He has not been seeing the ball well and has not looked like himself at the plate.

Since March 21st, Lindor has gone 1-15 and his stat line proved just how bad he was in the last couple of games. Lindor only totaled 1 RBI and was not even able to get his batting average over .100.

This club will always see Lindor as one of the veteran leaders, looking to him for guidance. He is just going through a bit of a rough patch but fans would rather him get that out of the way now rather then to do it later. On the other hand, Lindor's OPS is another area that should be mentioned before we sweep his spring under the rug. He usually sits around a 1.000 OPS but that was not the case at all in 2024. He ended up sitting a .433 which is not even close to what fans are used to seeing.

With that now out in the open, there is no reason to not believe that Lindor can turn this ship around and return to his habits of old. Both 2022 and 2023 were great years for him as a Met to which he should be able to continue his productivity by having another fantastic year in 2024.