3 Mets players who fell short of expectations in the first 81 games, 2 who exceeded them

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2) NY Mets outfielder Tommy Pham has exceeded expectations through the 1st 81 games of the 2023 season

Is it bad that when Tommy Pham comes up that's when I feel most confident that the Mets are going to do something offensively? It shouldn't be, considering the fact that Pham is two points behind Brandon Nimmo for the team lead in OPS. That says a lot about how poorly the Mets have played, but it also says something about how Pham has performed.

The veteran outfielder was brought in to be the fourth outfielder and serve as the right-handed DH. After some early-season struggles, Pham's bat got so hot to the point where Buck Showalter had no choice but to put him in the lineup every day.

Pham is slashing .273/.344/.488 with eight home runs and 31 RBI this season. He's even swiped nine bags. The 35-year-old is one guy on this team that you feel can actually get a clutch hit, as he's hitting .350 with an 1.123 OPS with runners in scoring position.

Since May 1, Pham was slashing .295/.362/.541 and that's before going 3-for-3 with a walk last night. He's been on an absolute tear for two months.

It'd be nice if the rest of the team could come close to meeting Pham's production, but nothing we've seen suggests that that's coming. At least he can net the Mets a decent prospect at the deadline if things do truly get out of control.