3 Mets players whose 2024 season expectations changed for the better after spring training

Raise the bar for these three Mets players who impressed in spring training.

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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Spring training has a way of mattering and being inconsequential at the same time. It’s a first look at some players in a New York Mets uniform. In other instances, it’s a chance to see what certain players were working on all offseason as they attempt to get in better shape or just improve their baseball skills.

The Mets were pitcher-dominant this spring with only a small number of hitters who put up big numbers. Other than Pete Alonso, none of the regular hitters did all that much at the plate.

In terms of expectations, it’s the pitchers who did the most to adjust theirs. These three Mets pitchers accomplished the most this spring when it comes to changing their expectations for the better.

1) Luis Severino

The 14 innings Luis Severino offered the Mets in the preseason obliterated any thoughts of him having a repeat of the disastrous year he had in 2023 with the New York Yankees. Yes, it’s only spring training but by gawd it was smooth.

Severino would finish 2-0 in his 4 starts with a 1.29 ERA. He struck out 12, walked only one batter, and held opponents to a .176 batting average.

Among the three starting pitchers the Mets brought in this offseason, no one needs to perform more than Severino. Sean Manaea has never been an ace nor should we expect him to become one suddenly just because his velocity has gone up. Adrian Houser, who didn’t have a great spring, is a fifth starter. A reliable one, yes, but nothing more than a back of the rotation arm.

Exactly how high do we raise the bar for Severino this year? Opinions will vary. As someone who was less than thrilled when this signing first happened, he has me convinced there’s some premium fuel left in the tank. Contending for a Cy Young would be a dream. Much less is still acceptable.