2 Mets players we want to see play more, 2 we want to see play less this spring

We are clamoring to see more of certain players, while others we are already sick of watching.

New York Mets Workout
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Another player we want to see less of is Luke Voit

The Mets have had anemic production from the designated hitter position for the past two seasons. Suffice it to say, fans this offseason were clamoring for J.D. Martinez or Justin Turner to fill this role. In an effort to evaluate the young talent, Stearns passed on the opportunity and will give Mark Vientos every opportunity to earn the DH role. To provide for quality competition and depth during the season, the Mets signed multiple players to minor league contracts who can fill this role.

One of these players is 2020 home run champion first baseman Luke Voit. The former Bronx Bomber has not replicated the same production that he had in 2020 hitting 22 home runs and 52 RBI through 56 games. In 2022, he hit just .226 with 22 home runs and 69 RBI. After being released from his contract with the Milwaukee Brewers last season, Voit settled for a minor league contract with the Syracuse Mets. From there, the 33-year-old found his rhythm hitting .264 with 14 home runs and 35 RBI through 37 games.

So far through spring training, Voit has made no case to break camp on the 26-man roster. He had just one hit and three strikeouts through his first 4 games, with none of those at-bats seeming competitive. In fairness to Voit, he just signed his contract on February 19th, so he needs more seasoning. However, if a player were to take at-bats away from Vientos in April, it should be for a more proven commodity who is already on the 40-man roster like D.J. Stewart.