2 Mets we're gaining confidence in for the Rays series, 2 that make us timid of a turnaround

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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Mets first baseman Pete Alonso is mired in a slump that he needs to break out of fast

Pete Alonso started off 2023 on a tear, quickly mashing home runs and even led the NL in home runs for some time. Since then, however, things have not quite been going Alonso's way, as he seems to have lost some power and more importantly, some confidence.

Alonso currently holds a .232 batting average, which is not what fans want to see given how great he started out. While he does still lead the team in home runs and RBIs, he hasn't been able to produce consistenlty for the Mets. More importantly, he is 8-46 for the month of May, with just six RBIs over those 14 games.

The Mets lineup is stuggling top to bottom, but the truth is that this team will only go as far as their stars take them. The team needs Alonso to step up and be able to deliver on a more consistent basis with some important series matchups looming on their schedule. In a series against a dominant Tampa Bay pitching staff, Alonso will need to turn it around if the Mets want to have any fighting chance. If he starts producing again, this slump will end up as just a thing of the past.