Imagining Mets players with superpowers

Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Mets / Paul Bereswill/GettyImages

The vision of Pete Alonso recently having to “kick out his windshield” to escape a car crash in Florida that resulted in his pickup truck doing three flips weirdly inspired me to see this guy as a superhero, being able to walk away from such an accident unscathed. The idea led me to think that it would be a fun idea to imagine him, and other fellow current New York Mets as superpowers, and answer the fun question of what these different potential super stars’ powers would be. 

Mets first baseman Pete Alonso's superpower

Leading off is Pete Alonso. Now Alonso has already been part of a superhero-infused promotion back in 2021 when he was featured as a Marvel Super Hero named “The Polar Bear.” There was an additional superhero bobblehead included as a part of the promotion. 

Now in my imagination, Alonso’s superpower, like Mr. Incredible, would no doubt incorporate super strength. Additionally, Alonso, dressed as a Polar Bear, would wield a bat made of solid ice. When facing opposing pitchers, if Alonso simply were to make contact with the ball, it would freeze so cold that when the opponent touched the ball to field it, their hand too would freeze, resulting in him being unable to get out. 

Additionally, if Alonso were ever forced to go out into the world to fight crime, may we imagine that he would soft toss himself baseballs to be hit with his special bat towards enemies.

Mets starting pitcher Max Scherzer's superpower

If not because of his legendary career, Max Scherzer would have to be considered for superhero status because of his two different colored eyes, one brown and one blue. Nicknamed “Mad Max,” Scherzer would be his cool calm self most of the time, but when threatened, he would stare into opponents' eyes as his special blue eye would pulse a bright shade of blue. This would freeze opponents in fear, forcing them unable to lift the bat off their shoulders, resulting in called strike threes. 

Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom's superpower

Next up is “The deGrominator.” Jacob deGrom throws harder than just about anybody in baseball, and for this reason, The deGrominator’s superpower would be a fastball so fast that it is in fact on fire as it comes in out of deGrom’s hand towards the plate. It would resemble Mario’s special pitch in Mario Super Sluggers. If contact were to be made with this pitch it wouldn’t even matter as it would burn a hold and go right through opponents bats as they swing. 

Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor's superpower

Similar to the Pokemon move attract that makes opponents so infatued they refuse to attack, Francisco Lindor, also known as Mr. Smile’s super power would be to automatically make opponents so friendly that they refuse to get him out. Pitchers would become so agreeable with “Mr. Smile” that they would lob him underhand pitches to hit out of the park. On the basepaths, no matter how weak contact Lindor made, opponents would field the ball then say “Hey” and chose to throw the ball elsewhere to teammates rather than get him out. His superpower has proven uneffective on teammate Jeff McNeil, also known as “The Squirrel” however.

Mets utility player Jeff McNeil's superpower

Jeff McNeil, also known as “The Squrrel.” Now this may be more beaver like but I image Jeff McNeil’s super power to be that he chews through opponents wood bats pre game, leaving them with wood shards to use at bats in game. This essentially decimates opponents who have no means of resupplying the bats that they need in time for competition. Additionally he is extremely hard to get out on the base paths, especially in pickle situations because of how jumpy he can be. 

Mets starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco's superpower

“Cookie” is a tough one. Tough cookie. I could see Carrasco dressed up in a suit with cookies all over it, similar to the Riddler’s suit riddled with question marks. Anyways, on the mound, Cookie would throw cookies at opponents that they would mistake for baseballs. In return they would swing and miss before the actual pitch is thrown. In order to bribe the umpire to not call balks on this move, Carrasco would make sure they and their family were well taken care of, in the cookie department.

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