Mets player reactions to the David Robertson trade

Mets players had a variety of reactions to the David Robertson trade.
New York Mets v Boston Red Sox
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The David Robertson trade seemed to catch us all off-guard last night. With a whole weekend left to beat up on the Washington Nationals, the New York Mets had a chance to shop him around a little bit more. Instead, they shipped out one of the roster’s anchors and officially declared the season over.

It wasn’t just the fans who seemed ill-prepared for the trade. Robertson’s teammates who spoke about the deal seemed to not have the right things to say either.

NY Mets player reactions to the David Robertson trade

First up, let’s check in on what Francisco Lindor had to say:

Oh, Francisco! The optimism is appreciated. The reality is the Mets aren’t going to make the playoffs. This trade secures it. Adam Ottavino can step into the closer role and excel. The amazingly terrible bullpen around him won’t do enough to help the team go on a miraculous run.

Meanwhile, Pete Alonso took a slightly more realistic yet still overly optimistic approach toward explaining himself:

At least the core of what Pete had to say isn’t trying to spin hope for the 2023 Mets.

Two other Mets, one on the trade block and the other who signed up to be here for almost a decade, went even more direct and honest. Mark Canha was incredibly direct and among all of the answers seemed to have the best:

Finally, there’s Brandon Nimmo who, frankly, had an answer that may have proved if there is anyone in the locker room capable of being a true leader, it’s him. Rallying your teammates like Ted Lasso is easy. Being realistic and accountable can be tough.

The Robertson trade takes the Mets out of the running to become trade deadline buyers. It confirms they’ll be selling off more pieces, too. Along with Canha who spoke on the Robertson deal, we can expect Tommy Pham, Carlos Carrasco, and any other impending free agent to be gone by the night of August 1.