Bleacher Report names someone other than Pete Alonso as the Mets player most likely to be traded

It's not Pete Alonso who Bleacher Report named as their Mets player most likely to be traded this offseason.
Los Angeles Angels v New York Mets
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Pete Alonso trade rumors have run amuck throughout August and they’re going to carry over into the offseason. The only way the New York Mets can end the speculative carnage is to sign Alonso to a long-term deal. Otherwise we’re about to enter an offseason headlined by talks of where the Polar Bear could end up.

Most Mets fans are in agreement that the only place Alonso should be in 2024 is at Citi Field for 81 regular season games. Off to one of the best starts of any Mets position player in team history, remaining in Queens feels like the biggest must of musts. The same cannot be said of the player Bleacher Report named as their Mets player most likely to be traded this offseason.

Their selection was a fairly obvious one, Jose Quintana. The veteran lefty was brought in for the purpose of helping the team out in 2023 and again in 2024. What’s the point of keeping him around if you’re not going to try to seriously compete next year?

Jose Quintana might be the most likely NY Mets trade piece, but there are others not far behind

Anyone not under contract after the 2024 season is sure to be on the trade block. This could include Adam Ottavino if he chooses to opt into his contract for the 2024 campaign. Relief pitchers are a little different than a starter like Quintana. Even non-competitive teams tend to sign quality bullpen arms for the purpose of helping them get through the year and even to become trade deadline chips.

Brooks Raley is another except he has a team option the Mets will be sure to pick up. Nothing is in their way of picking up the option and dealing him. Again, as a reliever, the Mets could prefer to hold onto him and see what they could get at the trade deadline instead.

Most of the more intriguing Mets trade candidates have already been dealt or don’t really have much value. Catcher Omar Narvaez hasn’t had a good enough year for him to use his opt out for financial gain. He’ll have some suitors in the trade market, however, the Mets would absolutely need to pick up a part of the bill if he chooses to return.

There aren’t any hoops to jump through with Quintana. It’s a straight-laced deal for two seasons he signed. At a rather modest $13 million for the 2024 season, teams will just hope they aren’t adding a player like the 2023 version of Carlos Carrasco to their roster.