1 Mets player fans should be patient with

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With the New York Mets number two prospect already off to a hot start in the big leagues in Brett Baty, there is still one player the Mets hope will be around for the long haul. That would be catcher and the Met's number one prospect, Francisco Alvarez.

Unlike Baty, it has not been a smooth transition for Alvarez from the minor leagues to the big leagues as he has struggled so much since entering the league in late September of last year. To start this season, he has gone just one for 16 to begin the season which is good for a .067 batting average and those struggles have carried over from the year before where he only complied two hits in 15 at bats in 2022. With the struggles that he is currently on and Mets fans already hitting the panic button since he is the team's number one overall prospect, Mets fans need to be patient with the young superstar as things will come to fruition.

Mets fans have to be patient with Francisco Alvarez

Francisco Alvarez is the Mets number one overall prospect for a reason. He has a great glove and arm and he has shown the ability that he can hit for power and hit balls out of the ballpark. But unfortunately, the start of his big league career has not been ideal. But it should not be something that should be worked up about.

Alvarez is only 21 years old and still has time to prove to the Mets that he can be the guy to lead the team. Alvarez just needs time to develop more in the minor leagues and work on plate discipline as he has had trouble chasing pitches out of the strike zone too.

I am very high on Alvarez that he will be a great catcher and hitter for the New York Mets but this is just not the time yet for Mets fans to be concerned. Alvarez just needs more time to get ready in the minor leagues and I won't be surprised once Omar Narvaez comes back from the IL, that Alvarez is back in Triple-A. Alvarez will be fine, he just needs more maturity and plate discipline and I think he will become a great big league ball player.

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