3 Mets pitching prospects they may have struck gold within the fifth round or later

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Another product of the 2021 draft is showing great potential this season for the Mets

Tyler Stuart was not considered a top 30 Mets prospect until the last MLB Pipeline ranking update in August 2023. Stuart was selected by the Mets with the overall No. 179 pick but was not considered in the previous top 250 in the draft.

As with Christian Scott, the Mets identified early the talent of Stuart, who had been used as a reliever while at the University of Southern Mississippi. However, the Mets saw this 6-foot-9 pitcher as a potential rotation pitcher.

Since entering the minor league circuit in the Mets organization, Stuart has transitioned between starting pitching and relief pitching roles until this season, when he has been used solely as a starter. His great performance this season has earned him a promotion to Double-A where he has made a few starts.

Stuart's repertoire features two top pitches, which he uses almost 50% of the time each. Its main weapon is its slider which generates a high amount of Whiff% and is accompanied by a low to mid-90s sinker that induces a high number of groundballs.

Stuart's third pitch is a change-up that doesn't generate much movement for his opponents, which he rarely uses. Prospect No. 17 of the Mets organization is about to turn 24, so the development time is being fulfilled.

Tyler Stuart is highly likely to end up as a reliever in the Mets organization but could with the potential of a top reliever or closer. His lethal slider-sinker combination can be elite in high-leverage situations, which is why the Mets identified a good prospect in a draft that few considered him.