The Mets farm system has more pitching than they get credit for

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The New York Mets have begun a "repurposing" of Steve Cohen's investment in the team. Instead of using his money on established but old players the Mets are trying to build up the farm system and acquire young players.

To do this they had to trade two future Hall of Fame pitchers in Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. This leads to many questions about how the Mets are going to fill a pitching staff next year.

A lot of talented young players were acquired in the Mets sell-off but very few were pitchers, concerning many Mets fans. I'm here to tell you the Mets already have a nice stable of young arms near major-league ready.

The Mets have an underrated group of young arms almost ready to contribute to the big-league team

The Mets have eight young starting pitchers between Triple-A and Double-A who can help them at some point in the near future.

Mike Vasil, Justin Jarvis, Blade Tidwell, Dominic Hamel, Tyler Stuart, Coleman Crow, Christian Scott, and Landon Marceaux are all highly regarded prospects and on most Mets top prospects lists.

14 of the top 30 Mets prospects are pitchers, including 3 acquired in trades this year.

Not all of these guys will pay off but you figure with a group as big as eight a couple will make solid contributions.

Blade Tidwell is the highest regarded of all of them. He is the 8th best prospect in the Mets system acording to MLB pipeline with an ETA of 2024. Tidwell just made his debut at Double-A.

There isn't much to look forward to the rest of the season for the Mets but they can make things more interesting by seeing what they have in some of these young pitchers.

They need to see if any of these guys can contribute next season to know how much investment they need to make in free-agent starting pitchers.

It is possible Mike Vasil and Justin Jarvis get a look in September.

The Mets newly acquired position player prosepcts are getting all the buzz right now but don't underrate the potential of some of their pitching prospects.