Trust in Tylor Megill is something he'll have to win back

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages

It is no secret that starting pitching has been a problem for the New York Mets and starting pitcher Tylor Megill has been no exception. As it stands right now, Megill's ERA stands at 5.14 in 63 innings pitched and he has failed to pitch more than six innings or more in his last four starts, nearly a month.

If the Mets wish to get back in the playoff mix whether it's in the Wild Card hunt or somehow catch the Atlanta Braves, Megill needs to up his game and pitch a lot better than giving up seven earned runs in his last start against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 9th. But have Mets fans seen enough of Megill? Do they want him out of the Mets rotation and have his poor pitching performances prove that Mets fans no longer trust him?

Are Met fans losing their trust in Tylor Megill?

It has been an up-and-down season and career for Megill so far in his brief time in the major leagues since he got the callup in 2021. One start, he is pitching so well that he looks like he can be the top arm in the Mets rotation. But in his next start and more down the road, he looks like he does not belong in the MLB. And after his last two starts especially, it's hard for Met fans to gain any kind of trust for Megill. He just does not look good enough to be pitching every four or five days in the Mets rotation.

Put this in perspective, in his last three starts, he has walked 12 batters in over 15 innings pitched which is not a recipe for success. Also in his last four starts, he has failed to go beyond six innings with his longest outing being only 5.1 innings pitched. It's been a challenge for starting pitchers in the Mets rotation already to go deep into games and Megill has been one pitcher in particular who's not been able to put up zero's in his starts.

We still have a long way to go in this season for the Mets and Megill to turn things around and we will see how Megill pitches to rest of the season whether it's in the rotation or in a bullpen role, but, I think Mets fans can't bare to see another Megill outing for the Mets. He just can't pitch deep into ball games. The Mets cannot rely on their offense and their bullpen for every Megill start and unless things change, it is very hard for Mets fans to justify why Buck Showalter continues to throw Megill out on the mound.