Pete Alonso replacements: 1 weak, 1 logical, 1 dream scenario if the Mets trade their star

Is there an answer to replacing Pete Alonso?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is the dream replacement if the Mets trade Pete Alonso

Would the Toronto Blue Jays really cut ties with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.? A “down” year in 2023 and the fact that he’s only one year further away from free agency than Alonso. Could they be thinking about making a change? For as much as the Mets could land in a trade involving Alonso, the Blue Jays are looking at an even greater haul for their younger warrior.

The Blue Jays exited from the postseason quickly with two losses against the Minnesota Twins. It was the kind of playoff performance where heads could roll and big changes could come.

The far more likely scenario is the Blue Jays don’t trade him—at least not yet. His runner-up MVP performance in 2021 at age 22 indicates how truly great he can be. Add in the Gold Glove he won in 2022 and Guerrero may very well be one of the most complete packages at the position by the time he even gets to free agency.

It’s probably there when the Mets get their best shot to strike. With this in mind, it’ll take two years to actually replace Alonso unless they’d be willing to offer the Blue Jays an insane trade package that includes major league players as well. Even then, is there enough they could reasonably put on paper to entice the Blue Jays?

Guerrero is the ultimate closest player out there for the Mets to seek in any attempt to replace Alonso. The ridiculous amount of talent they’d need to send North of the Border should be enough for them to realize how difficult it is to ever do so. Furthermore, his contract demands should exceed what Alonso will get when he hits the open market. We can dream about this. The best solution, however, remains to just pay Pete.