Pete Alonso replacements: 1 weak, 1 logical, 1 dream scenario if the Mets trade their star

Is there an answer to replacing Pete Alonso?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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Rhys Hoskins is the logical replacement if the Mets trade Pete Alonso

Rhys Hoskins is one of the better free agents this offseason who has fallen off of everyone’s radar simply because he hasn’t played a single game. A preseason injury eliminated the first baseman of the Philadelphia Phillies from being a pain for the Mets this past year. Could he be a viable replacement for Alonso?

Hoskins has much more proven power than a player like Vientos. He’s a weak defender; arguably worse than Alonso with a hand tied behind his back.

In many ways, Hoskins can be looked at as a “poor man’s Pete Alonso.” He has hit 30+ home runs twice in his career. He has never reached 100 RBI although he has come close a couple of times. A lifetime .242/.353/.492 hitter, the ability to draw walks is about the only one he is better at than the Polar Bear.

Hoskins, just like any other obvious downgrades, would also have the responsibility of replacing a fan-favorite. It would be a questionable move to make and come across as bargain hunting. Already a former rival with the Phillies, every error or strike three called against him is going to draw much more disdain than a youngster like Vientos, although fans will be pretty merciless against him as well.

Free agency will provide the Mets with more options as well. None are particularly exciting. What about the trade market? While purely speculative, there is one guy who might actually make the fans happy if the Mets were willing to pay a steep price.