What an MVP season from Pete Alonso would look like

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New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso is coming off another incredible season hitting 40 home runs and driving in 131 RBI. One thing still missing in the Polar Bear's young career is that elusive MVP award.

Alonso was in the race for it last season but could not stand a chance against St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt who slugged his way to 35 home runs and a batting average well north of .300 to .317. So, Alonso should again be in the race for MVP honors, but what's it going to take and what does he have to do to win it?

What it will take for Mets slugger Pete Alonso to win the MVP

For starters, the Mets need to win over 100 games like they did last year and this time, win the NL East. It is the only way for Alonso to get recognized as an MVP. The reason why Alonso has not won an MVP yet in my eyes is the lack of postseason play and the inability of the Mets to make it there as a division champ. The Cardinals won their division which resulted in Goldschmidt winning the MVP so that has to happen for the Mets and for Alonso to get that all-important MVP.

Another major factor would be the need to stay healthy. While he was been able to do that over the course of his young career, Alonso and the Mets cannot afford any type of injury. That can really hurt the Mets chances of capturing the NL East title and Alonso's chances of winning the MVP. If he goes down and is hurt for a brief period of time, they're a ton of players in the National League that can steal away the MVP from Pete Alonso.

Finally, Alonso should not count on hitting home runs whenever he steps up into the batter's box. Paul Goldschmidt won MVP despite hitting five fewer home runs than Alonso was because he relies more on getting base hits and driving in runs the more straightforward way when a home run is not needed in a certain situation. Sure, hitting home runs is a great thing, but Alonso needs to start hitting more for average than for home runs all the time. It is great that he can hit north of 40 home runs every season when called upon, but you don't always have to.

So do I think Pete Alonso can do it? Do I think it will be this year? For sure! I think we have not seen Pete Alonso at his best yet and that's crazy to say but with him being just 28, I think Alonso is just about to hit his prime. I do not think this is a crazy bet at all to make but this season, the National League MVP will go to Pete Alonso.

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