How 2 Mets players can get in the way of Paul Goldschmidt making history

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt might be able to pull off something special this year. He has a chance to win a Triple Crown with the league’s most home runs, RBI, and best batting average. That’s if a pair of New York Mets players don’t get in the way.

Who would possibly spoil some National League history? It’s Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil.

Mets teammates Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil can ruin Paul Goldschmidt’s history-making season

Alonso is the only other National League player with 100 RBI making him the best candidate to spoil the RBI part of the Triple Crown. He’s also right there in home runs with a few others including Kyle Schwarber, Austin Riley, and the darkhorse to win the league’s home run title, Christian Walker.

In more ways than one, the Polar Bear can get in the way of Goldschmidt giving Cardinals fans something extra to cheer about. If he keeps clobbering home runs or has teammates to drive around the bases, Goldschmidt could fall short.

Then there’s his best buddy, McNeil. While Goldschmidt is currently running in front of Freddie Freeman and McNeil with his .339 batting average after playing on Thursday, all it takes is one game for things to drastically change.

If we had to bet on McNeil winning a batting title this year, history is certainly against us. Jose Reyes is the only Mets player to ever accomplish this feat. There’s definitely a second time for just about anything and if someone else in team history is going to do it, why not a guy who many have been counting on to perpetually hit .300+?

Alonso and McNeil are far more concerned about helping the Mets win games than they are about their individual numbers. More so, they’re not stepping onto the field each day wondering if they can ruin the day of Goldschmidt and some Cardinals fans hoping to see a rare feat.

The last time a player won the Triple Crown was in 2012 when Miguel Cabrera did it as a member of the Detroit Tigers. Prior to him, it was Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

We have to go even further back to find a Triple Crown winner from the National League. It was Joe Medwick of the Cardinals who accomplished it in 1937.

Could it be that these two Mets goofballs get in the way? A grand slam on the last day of the season from Alonso or a slap hit from McNeil in his final at-bat might be what it comes down to.

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