What would a Pete Alonso extension look like for the New York Mets?

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Since being called up in 2019, New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso has been a powerhouse hitter in the lineup and a leader for the team.

In his rookie year, he won the Home Run Derby, broke the major league record for most home runs as a rookie with 53, and was Rookie of the Year.

Since breaking the scene in 2019, Alonso has become one of the league's best power hitters. Due to the shortened season in 2020, the "polar bear" settled down when he batted .231 playing 57 games, and in 2021, he picked it back up at .262 with 152 games under his belt.

At the end of the 2022 season, Alonso will become arbitration eligible. His focus is taking the Mets to the playoffs and possibly a World Series championship, the first since 1986. However, a contract extension could also be on his mind behind closed doors.

What a Pete Alonso contract extension from the Mets could look like

Alonso presents himself as a captain. The fans and organization notice his production on the field and leadership in the clubhouse. He is a big at-bat to have for the team and is arguably the next best homegrown athlete since David Wright.

In recent memory, Wright, one of the biggest fan favorites for the franchise, received a seven-year contract extension worth $138 million with the team on Nov. 30, 2012. Months later, got announced as the fourth captain in Mets history on March 21, 2013. Could Alonso be on the same path as the former third baseman?

First baseman Matt Olson signed an eight-year, $168 million contract before the 2022 season once he got traded from the Oakland Athletics to the Atlanta Braves. In his final year in Oakland, he batted .271 with 39 home runs and 111 RBIs.

If Alonso continues to play at a similar pace to Olson's 2021 season, he should see a six-year $175 million extension and be named the fifth captain in Mets history.

If I were the Mets, I would want to avoid a similar situation that their crosstown rivals had to deal with.

Judge and the New York Yankees could not agree on a contract extension before the 2022 season. Since talks ended once the season started, Judge has been having an MVP-caliber season and is sure to get a big payday once free agency begins.

Alonso is a fan favorite and clubhouse leader for the team. Fans and the organization would love to see Alonso wear blue and orange for the foreseeable future.

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