3 most notable trades between the Mets and Padres

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2) NY Mets pick up Kevin McReynolds in a blockbuster with the Padres

This was a true blockbuster deal with stars, future stars, and a whole bunch of other names thrown in. Taking place on December 11, 1986, the Mets and Padres swapped multiple players with the headliner being outfielder Kevin McReynolds. Adam Ging and Gene Walter joined him in exchange for Kevin Armstrong, Kevin Brown, former first-overall pick Shawn Abner, Stan Jefferson, and future MVP Kevin Mitchell.

When four Kevins are included in a single trade, one of them is bound to do something pretty awesome.

McReynolds was indeed a productive member of the Mets but never an MVP. He did finish third in the voting during the 1988 season behind only Kirk Gibson and teammate Darryl Strawberry.

McReynolds happened to actually be the perfect outfield partner with Strawberry in terms of production. His right-handed power bat went well with Strawberry’s lefty slugger abilities.

Because Mitchell would actually win his MVP Award with the San Francisco Giants, the Mets managed to escape this deal without feeling too bad about themselves. McReynolds was pretty awesome for them during the last days of their success in the 1980s. We can consider this the best trade the Mets have ever made with the Padres. What about the worst one? We finish off with that poorly-designed deal.