3 most notable trades between the Mets and Padres

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The New York Mets and San Diego Padres have actually made a lot of trades over the years. Considering they’ve always played in different divisions, there was slightly less at stake in those earlier years. You also don’t have to see your mistake all that often or hear about it on the radio because of geography.

The results of many of the trades have been mixed. We have deals like the 2005 Mike Cameron for Xavier Nady swap. There are also trades like the May 31, 1991, deal which sent Tim Teufel to the Padres for Garry Templeton. Those two deals didn’t make this list. They’re not quite as notable or impactful.

It’s these three other trades which stand out the most for what they meant for each franchise or simply just how much they can be referenced.

1) NY Mets continue the Midnight Massacre trading Dave Kingman to the Padres

If you know your Mets history, you probably already know the Midnight Massacre is the night the front office tear the roster apart. Aside from trading Tom Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds, the Mets also dealt their top slugger Dave Kingman. It was to the Padres he got traded. He would actually play for two more teams that year. This isn’t so much regarded as a good or bad deal as much as it is one that ties into an infamous line of decisions.

For Kingman, the Mets did pick up Paul Siebert and Bobby Valentine. One has to wonder, if Valentine had not played for the Mets even briefly, would he have ended up having a connection to the franchise? Maybe he never would have become a manager of the organization.

The Kingman trade is one that’s okay to have little opinion on. These other two, on the other hand, are the best and worst the Mets have made with their 2022 National League Wild Card Series opponent.