Profiling the modus operandi of Mets owner Steve Cohen

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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3) NY Mets owner Steve Cohen is reactionary in the best way

Vengeful is one way to put it. When the Mets had Steven Matz changing his mind and choosing the St. Louis Cardinals instead of reuniting with them, Cohen went on a Twitter rant of epic proportions about professionalism. He called out Matz’s agent. Days later, his ball club signed Scherzer.

This part of Cohen’s M.O. repeated in December 2022. Jacob deGrom going to the Texas Rangers had Cohen looking for a replacement. It turned out to be Verlander.

Being reactionary has its benefits. Proactivity is personally preferred. In some cases you need to react instead.

The fans become the beneficiary of this personality trait. Cohen has twice now reacted almost immediately to losing by going out and doing something bigger. Is Verlander better than deGrom? It’s debatable because they are two very different pitchers at this point of their career with retirement much closer for one. We can also ponder if the recent signing of Nimmo and David Robertson within minutes of each other was Cohen reacting to deGrom's introduction in Texas. It seems like too big of a coincidence to ignore.

What we can agree on is that Cohen greenlit a move we’ll remember forever. It may have never happened if not for his reactionary nature.

Cohen does seem to have the mind of a planner. When those plans hit the fan, he has his executives get aggressive and attack. Mets fans may still feel the sting of losing deGrom. Knowing Cohen has everyone’s back and is willing to make a massive payment will help fans rest easy.

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