Profiling the modus operandi of Mets owner Steve Cohen

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Steve Cohen isn’t spending billions of dollars to build a winning baseball club. It’s not a practical thing for him to do. The owner of the New York Mets needs to operate in a different sort of way.

If you watch enough true crime series or detective shows, you’ll be familiar with the term modus operandi. Often abbreviated as “M.O.”, it’s a description of how one operates. There’s a theme and some predictability.

Cohen has a few things about him as the owner of the Mets that fall into his modus operandi. Let’s put on our goofy Sherlock Holmes hats and investigate.

1) NY Mets owner Steve Cohen likes to grab headlines

Cohen definitely likes the flashy signings. This comes as no surprise. It was the expectation the moment we found out the Wilpons were kicking themselves to the curb. Cohen is a larger than life figure in the financial world. He’s that way in baseball.

The biggest headlines he has grabbed as owner have been the signings of Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander almost exactly a year apart. They were the biggest moves he could possibly make. They’re ones Mets fans will remember forever.

Who doesn’t remember where they were when Cohen changed the game and signed Scherzer? When Verlander joined him, we will forever recall what we ate for lunch that day. These were the kind of headline-grabbing additions that years from now, even after an apocalypse, would be found in the form of cave drawings on the walls of the home locker room of Citi Field.

One other notable headline grab by Cohen was the record-breaking extension for Edwin Diaz. Cohen’s money isn’t getting thrown around like crazy. What it’s doing is landing on the back pages for the best of reasons.