3 reasons Mets owner Steve Cohen is great for baseball

Apr 15, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets owner Steve Cohen speaks during the Tom
Apr 15, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets owner Steve Cohen speaks during the Tom / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Following the big spending spree New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has had this offseason, there has been a lot of discourse surrounding Cohen and whether or not he's good for the game of baseball. Why this is being discussed is unclear to me, as it's pretty obvious that he's great for the sport we all love. Here are three reasons why.

1) NY Mets owner Steve Cohen actually wants to win.

Steve Cohen has shown he's willing to do whatever it takes to win. He's willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to try and field a team capable of winning the World Series. He's willing to do what it takes to bring superstars like Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa, Max Scherzer, and Justin Verlander to Flushing. Why exactly is that a bad thing?

John Fisher, owner of the Oakland Athletics is worth $2.1 billion dollars. His team's highest paid player for the 2023 season is Trevor May who's on a one-year $7 million dollar deal and will likely be traded before the deadline. Oakland has a $25.5 million dollar payroll. You're telling me they can't afford to sign anybody?

The owners who show no willingness to compete when they're swimming in money are the problem, not the ones who care. The Padres, a team that isn't even in a big market is spending like a big market team. They're making trades for Juan Soto and Josh Hader, they're signing Xander Bogaerts and Manny Machado, they're extending Fernando Tatis Jr.

When the Mets signed Carlos Correa, they sold $1 million dollars in single-game ticket sales that day alone. When you spend money and show fans that you actually want to win like Cohen and the Padres owner has, the money will roll in. There is no excuse to not spend money if you own a sports team. The ones who actually do are not the problem.

2) Steve Cohen and his wife Alex engage with the fans on social media and in person

Steve Cohen is an active Twitter user who uses the platform he has to try and see what the fans want. He's willing to listen to the fans and take suggestions they make seriously. Not only does he do that, but he also uses Twitter to communicate with fans. He keeps us in the loop about some things. He lets the fans know when certain players and agents exhibit unprofessional behavior (thanks again, Steven Matz.)

Alex Cohen is very active on Instagram. She constantly follows fans back, responds to DM's, and takes pictures in different spots in the ballpark. Both Steve and Alex are personable with fans and that's a great thing.

3) Steve Cohen improves more than just the product on the field

Cohen has obviously done great things with the Mets on the field but has invested so much into other things too. A new scoreboard is coming to Citi Field. New LED boards were installed last year. They're even adding a sensory nook for those who need it. Cohen is improving the fan experience at the ballpark. Those things are good for baseball and its fans.

Not only is the ballpark improving, the areas around it will be also. Cohen is trying to improve the surrounding areas of the ballpark so we don't just see broken down and abandoned lots and buildings. That is another example of an owner who cares about every detail. These kinds of owners are good for the game.

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