Steve Cohen getting a "Kingpin" treatment in upcoming film Dumb Money

Steve Cohen is portrayed by a well-known actor in the upcoming film Dumb Money.
New York Mets v Kansas City Royals
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The upcoming film Dumb Money about the GameStop trading situation from 2021 wouldn't be complete if New York Mets owner Steve Cohen was left out. Without getting too into the weeds about the details of what happened, it was a situation of the rich vs. the common man on Wall Street.

Cohen's involvement was more minimal than some other hedge fund masters. However, Barstool’s Dave Portnoy tried to drag Cohen into it further. This was around the time when Cohen got a little quieter on Twitter. Jokes lessened. Critiques of the Mets ceased.

We shouldn’t expect much about Cohen in the film as it’s not really about him. He’s a minor character but one that’ll be played by a well-known actor. Although the television show Billions is partly based on Cohen's life, Dumb Money will have Vincent D'Onofrio portraying the Mets owner.

Mets owner Steve Cohen gets a Hollywood portrayal in the film Dumb Money

D'Onofrio wouldn't have been my first choice to play Cohen although in this film where he'll be playing a heel, how can they go wrong? Who better to take on the role of our beloved owner than The Kingpin?

And I don't mean Roy Munson.

D'Onofrio might be most known to the younger generation for his role as The Kingpin in the current Marvel universe first introduced to us in Daredevil; a tale about a blind masked superhero vigilante. Chris Russo once asked if it was based on a true story.

D’Onofrio spent years on one of the millions of Law & Order spinoffs. But you might also recall his first big gig as Gomer Pyle on Full Metal Jacket. Something about those haunting eyes of D'Onofrio at the end of the first half remain iconic in cinema. The Cohen portrayal probably won't be quite as dark although a lot may depend on the perspective of the film.

The film has me thinking more about the idea of a future movie about the Mets. Which celebrities could be in the running for any future Cohen casting calls? I've always thought Michael Keaton could pull it off. Look at them long enough and you’ll either agree or send me a coupon to have my eyes checked. Considering where D'Onofrio gets billing in this film, it probably wasn't big enough for Keaton to take on. This is Birdman after all!

Good, bad, or somewhere in between, I'm curious to see how a well-known actor like D'Onofrio picks up on any of Cohen's mannerisms. Would it be shocking if he simply played it the same way he has as The Kingpin? Hardly. In the GameStop saga, the beloved owner of the Mets wasn’t buying free agents or making donations to charity.

Dumb Money is scheduled to be released this Friday.