3 Mets overreactions from the month of April

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3) NY Mets overreaction: Brandon Nimmo will contend for a batting title

Hold your horses. Brandon Nimmo in contention for a batting title? Don’t you mean Jeff McNeil? The April numbers have Nimmo right there among the best in the league in hitting. A regular OBP machine, he has become a much better hitter over the last three seasons.

Nimmo’s career high .292 batting average from 2021 won’t win him a title. It also might be difficult to sustain in a full season. He played in just 92 games for the Mets that year. Compared to the 151 he participated in last season which saw his average drop to .274, we can expect Nimmo to hit well below where he’s currently at.

The outrageously high .330 batting average after 116 plate appearances for Nimmo has been one of the most pleasant surprises. Has he actually taken the next step toward becoming an even more complete player?

Rather than overreact and believe Nimmo will compete for a batting title, we should enjoy this part of his game that has gotten even better than before. He has one more walk than strikeout (17/16) and has already matched last year’s stolen base total with 3.

It’s not an overreaction to declare Nimmo a success in April. In fact, believing anything else is not giving him nearly enough credit. He’s doing everything we expected him to do and better.